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Many of us are thinking about the environment and our impact on it.
Today’s technology products can enhance your green lifestyle; decreasing energy and water usage and increasing environmental sustainability. When integrated to function as part of a home control system operating throughout your home’s living and working spaces, product performance, as well as your comfort and convenience, can be enhanced; greater gains in savings can be realized.

Home control systems can help reduce your impact on our environment by providing you with local and remote control, as well as monitoring of major energy systems in your home, such as heating and cooling, lighting, hot water, your water use and even your entire home’s use of electricity!

Benefits include monitoring your home systems while at work or on travel; returning to a house that’s comfortably cool or warm; turning-off lights in empty rooms; and increasing hot water in anticipation of demand, while decreasing it off peak. Monitoring water use might even reveal problems; protecting you against a damaging water leak.

With a TechHome Rated Home—Bronze, Gold or Platinum, you may already have some of the necessary technology infrastructure in place to add these home control systems.
Going “green