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What is VCustom?

Vitel Custom is a completely unique experience for those who love to express their individualism. Everything you see or touch in the system is customized for you to your specifications* If you need speakers to match a specific dimension or you need your TV to match the color of your room or a piece of artwork, we make it happen with VCustom. We can provide custom finished speaker cabinets, TV’s and electronics, custom background images and icons for your touch-panel remotes even custom fabrics for your motorized roller shades. Vitel Custom can even provide you with custom speakers to fit a particularly difficult installation environment** We will work with you, your architect or interior design professional to create a truly one of a kind look. Contact us today to learn more about Vitel Custom @ 305.382.1000

**Specifications are subject to evaluation and approval. If it doesn’t interfere with installation requirements we can proceed.
**Subject to evaluation