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Inside Savant’s New SmartSystems Platform

Incorporation of streaming digital media and a new ‘fan-less’ design are two big changes in new control platform that is replacing Rosie and Protégé

Savant has announced that the new SmartSystems platform will be replacing Rosie and Protégé. This new platform will include smart content streaming and HDMI 1.4. See full information below in an article from and stay tuned for more information about the new platform from this intelligent control company.


Advancements in digital media and a new system design are just two of the big reasons why Savant announced its new SmartSystems platform last week, replacing Rosie and Protégé.

“It was created based on the desire to build the next generation platform for new media, incorporating smart streaming content and HDMI 1.4,” says Jim Carroll, president of Savant.

Check out this short consumer-oriented video to give you a glimpse.

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